Last updated 6 years ago.

Astra Caelum

achievements 1020

Level 25 Horde Guild, Bloodfeather. 70 members

Impairment obtained Grandiose Resistance. 6 years ago
Impairment obtained Grandiose Trinket. 6 years ago
Pancer obtained Chain of the Unbroken Lineage. 6 years ago
Lumireis obtained Grips of Burning Infusion. 6 years ago
Meirana obtained Duretha's Trail Boots. 6 years ago
Damacles obtained Grandiose Bracers. 6 years ago
Perica obtained Grandiose Robes. 6 years ago
Sleshwmt obtained Shards of Nothing. 6 years ago
Kubic obtained Girdle of the Infected Mind. 6 years ago

Guild Master