What is WoWLeaderboards?

WoWLeaderboards is the most comprehensive leaderboard website for World of Warcraft. Some of our features include:

  • Leaderboards based on character & guild statistics
  • Leaderboards based on character & guild achievements
  • Statistics & most popular pages such as most popular transmogrification
  • Advanced filtering for all leaderboards
  • Character pages
  • Overview of your world, region and realm rankings
  • Alt detection
  • Multi spec support (you can view item level, gear, talents and more for both specs)
  • Guild pages
  • Guild join, leave and rank history
  • Name normalization search (searching Devil will also show Ðévíl)
  • Profile pages that show off all your character
  • Battle.net authentication and automatic character verification
  • Cool website ranks
  • Contests

Who are we?

WoWLeaderboards is a project I (Darkvampy @ Bleeding Hollow) work on in my free time. If you like WoWLeaderboards and want to support it, consider donating!


We are constantly striving to improve the site, so if there's something you'd like to see implemented on the site be sure to contact us!