Last updated 2 years ago.


achievements 535

Level 25 Alliance Guild, Sylvanas. 47 members

Carllcox obtained Benthic Chestguard. 2 years ago
Carllcox obtained Jula's Jovial Drape. 2 years ago
Jilith obtained Chestguard of Bitter Charms. 2 years ago
Ithrowkegs obtained Fathomstalker Cloak. 2 years ago
Ithrowkegs obtained Benthic Cloak. 2 years ago
Smellock earned the achievement Level 10 for 10 points. 2 years ago
Reporlrac obtained Subroutine: Overclock. 2 years ago
Autotank obtained Gloves of the Iron Reavers. 2 years ago

Guild Master