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achievements 2260

Level 25 Horde Guild, Mug'thol. 83 members

Faleboat obtained Skullstealer Greataxe. 6 years ago
Faleboat obtained Phoenix-Down Treads. 6 years ago
Faleboat obtained Spaulders of Recurring Flame. 6 years ago
Snuff obtained Undying Boots of the Decimator. 6 years ago
Gorhon obtained Warmage's Legwraps. 6 years ago
Omgwtfbubble obtained Solium Band of Might. 6 years ago
Omgwtfbubble earned the achievement Level 100 for 10 points. 6 years ago
Crittergettr obtained Rotmelter Mosscloak. 6 years ago

Guild Master