Last updated 4 years ago.


achievements 1155

Level 25 Alliance Guild, Darkspear. 152 members

Batard obtained Glimpse of the Afterlife. 4 years ago
Risuukko obtained Smoldering Ember Wyrm. 4 years ago
Madmonkey obtained Searing Cinder. 4 years ago
Walhor obtained Grisly Souvenir. 4 years ago
Zenlee obtained Three-Toed Rabbit Foot. 4 years ago
Laittii obtained Bite-Marked Wristplates. 4 years ago
Nazarite obtained Nar'thalas Guard Mantle. 4 years ago
Koopa obtained Howling Echoes. 4 years ago
Koopa obtained Portalguard Wristguard. 4 years ago
Diddysellens obtained Brilliant Sunstone. 4 years ago

Guild Master