Last updated 11 months ago.


achievements 2135

Level 25 Alliance Guild, Frostmane. 985 members

Sesna obtained Malignant Leviathan's Greaves. 11 months ago
Agronomcalle obtained Bracers of Dreadful Maladies. 11 months ago
Purplemoose obtained Corrupted Gladiator's Band. 11 months ago
Kuroxx obtained Vial of Animated Blood. 11 months ago
Penguín obtained Corruption Borne Headlopper. 11 months ago
Qard obtained Pauldrons of Ill Portent. 11 months ago
Kuntrum obtained Insidious Writhing Longbow. 11 months ago
Rupple obtained Warmace of Waking Nightmares. 11 months ago
Faankz obtained Mantle of the Insatiable Maw. 11 months ago

Guild Master