Last updated 5 years ago.


achievements 2260

Level 25 Horde Guild, Mug'thol. 83 members

Akacio obtained Serrated Void Crystal. 5 years ago
Fyoutoo obtained Shard of Pirouetting Happiness. 5 years ago
Grawolf obtained Frostwolf Arrow-Swallower. 5 years ago
Intocca obtained Fragment of Val'anyr. 5 years ago
Ghamaki obtained Axeclaw Belt of the Decimator. 5 years ago
Lostjaw crafted item Mighty Weapon Crystal. 5 years ago
Tamarious obtained Thorny Choker of Suffering. 5 years ago
Lostjaw obtained Axeclaw Boots of the Decimator. 5 years ago

Guild Master